Academic partners

Through the establishment of collaboration with UDOPP, our academic partners gain access not only to established assays and relevant expertise, but also to new research and technologies that can have a significant impact on their projects.

In brief

  • The ability to screen a project’s candidates in our well validated in silico models gives our partners the chance to rapidly select a smaller set of compounds on which to perform a more complete in vitro analysis. Alternatively, when potential problems (e.g. solubility) are anticipated or have already been identified, more specialized in vitro assays can be performed in order to obtain a clearer picture of the compounds potential to obtain a sufficiently good ADME profile in vivo.

  • The platform aims to work together with our academic partners in a flexible manner and to be able to provide support throughout a project’s life at a pace that is suitable for both partners. In addition to providing in silico and in vitro data, the group’s scientific expertise can be utilized to add significant scientific value and help make key decisions about the next steps for the project

  • UDOPP considers all projects on a case-by-case basis, and when working with not-for-profit partners we aim to provide a cost and time structure that is suited to the individual projects needs and capacity. Together with the project(s) sponsor, we can if required explore possibilities to fund the collaboration through grant applications and other types of external resources


Project Management

  • The platform’s aim is to work together with our partners in a flexible and time efficient manner. Timelines and resources for each project are assigned on an individual basis following discussions with the partner

  • Clear guidelines with respect to cost, IP ownership, project reporting and the overall structure of the collaboration will be established before the project is initiated.

  • UDOPPs project manager coordinates all activities for each project and is the primary contact person for the partner

  • Academic partnerships are handled through SciLifeLab. For more details, contact