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Inaugural lecture of Prof. Bergström


Prof. Christel Bergström gave her inaugural lecture November 16, 2021. The video is now available.

Christel Bergström, Professor of Molecular Pharmaceutics, started her inaugural speech by answering the question she encounters most often: What exactly is “Galenic”?. Fifteen minutes later, the audience – both on site and online – has received a crash course in challenges and progress regarding the development of drugs that find their goal in the human body and achieve the desired effect.

“We are also committed to developing 3D printers that quickly and easily produce drugs, including so-called poly-pills that combine several active substances in the same tablet. We will soon place a 3D printer at the Uppsala University Hospital, and with the current development, it is entirely possible that within ten years we can place compressed devices in the homes of individual care recipients,” said Professor Bergström.


Text by: Magnus Alsne

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Last modified: 2022-12-07