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Advanced Drug Delivery Systems & Computational Pharmaceutics

Our long term goal is to establish computational pharmaceutics as a natural step during drug development and design of advanced drug delivery systems. Read more »

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We have a strong interest in understanding the molecular reasons resulting in a poor aqueous solubility and have established tools for computational pharmaceutics that guide the formulation scientists in successful development pathways for a particular compound.  We are currently developing a virtual intestine to enable evaluation optimization of new dosage forms in the computer rather than making use of lengthy experiments or animal studies.

Our research in the field of poorly soluble compounds is extensively based on drug dissolution & permeation studies to predict e.g. intestinal solubility. The research team also focuses on the development of sophisticated dosage forms that transforms problematic compounds (poorly soluble, biologics) into well-functioning oral medications.

Enabling formulations making use of lipid-based formulations, amorphous materials, mesoporous carriers and functionalized drug carriers are currently being explored. Additive manufacturing and 3D printing to produce personalized medicines to improve treatment and quality of life of severely sick children is one of our main targets.

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Last modified: 2021-02-01