Artursson group

Per Artursson

I am a professor of Dosage Form Design at the Department of Pharmacy, Uppsala University, Sweden where I head the Drug Delivery research team.  I am also Director for the Uppsala University drug optimization and pharmaceutical profiling platform within Science for Life Laboratories (UDOPP). Our research aims at understanding drug absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) at the molecular and cellular level in order to deliver drugs more effectively. We also investigate the effects of drug transporting proteins and drug metabolizing enzymes on cellular and subcellular drug disposition.  I have published about 250 research articles and reviews and supervised about 30 postdocs and 30 PhD students to completion. I am among the worlds most cited in my field, and have received several international awards for my research.

Maria Karlgren

My research interests is in drug absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination (ADME) with a focus on drug metabolizing enzymes, drug transport proteins, drug permeability, transport-metabolism interplay, drug-drug interactions, and on the development of predictive models for studying such processes. My current research program is focused on in vitro models for predicting drug delivery to the human brain.


Patrik Lundquist

My research focuses on permeability and transport mechanisms of drugs, metabolites, peptides and biologics in epithelia, primarily across the barriers of the human intestine. In collaboration with gastroenterologists from the Akademiska hospital in Uppsala we also investigate regional changes in intestinal barrier function in diverse patient groups.


Xiaohong Gu

I have a diverse background in practical medicine, public health and biomedicine and deep knowledge and practical experience in protein misfolding disease. I work on AstraZeneca-UU project and Oligonova Project. My project is dedicated on the efficacy and distribution of targeted delivery of anti-sense oligonucleotide.


Evgeniya Mickols

I am a pharmacist with extensive background in pre-clinical research. My PhD project is dedicated to the characterization and advancement of primary human hepatocytes (PHH) cultures. I started my doctoral studies in October 2019 with an extensive characterization of cell culture media used for maintenance of 3D PHH cultures (PMID: 34746700). The overall goal of my thesis is to create an in vivo-like in vitro model of PHH for the evaluation of safety and efficacy of novel and existing pharmaceutics.


Merve Ceylan

I have a BSc and MSc in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Istanbul University. I started my PhD in Artursson Research Group in August, 2020. The aim of my thesis is to develop and characterize i) freshly isolated human jejunal villus enterocytes as a short term model for intestinal drug transport and metabolism studies, ii) apical-out human jejunal enteroids, as a more in vivo like drug discovery models of the intestinal barrier to drug absorption.


Rebekkah Hammar

My PhD project belonging to the COLOTAN European Training Network focuses on free drug concentrations in the colon. Its complex cellular environment not only encompasses the colonic epithelium, but also a vast gut microbiome. I model drug distribution and metabolism in both systems in vitro using 3D organoids and microbial cultures, characterizing present transporters and enzymes via proteomics. My overall goal is to create a better predictive model of drug fate in the colon.


Alina Meyer

The general aim of my PhD thesis is to pharmaceutically profile new repurposing candidates for the treatment of the hereditary kidney disease ADPKD. I will perform a series of ADME assays. Then, the intracellular compound concentration and the corresponding pharmacological effect will be investigated using 3D cultured kidney organoids and global proteomics. Furthermore, subcellular target and off-target interaction for lead candidates will be studied and the findings will be combined in a PBPK model. The project is part of the DRUGtrain EU network.


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