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About the research track

This thematic track brings together researchers active in the field of Drug Development and Discovery, in both pre-clinical and clinical phases. The aim is to cover different computational and experimental aspects of drug development such as, but not limited to, medicinal chemistry, toxicity, pharmacokinetics, metabolism, studies in biological systems, pharmaceutical formulation and production.

Please send an email to the track leaders to receive information about track-relevant events on a regular basis.

PhD students of the research track

Collage of PhD students enrolled in the research track

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We announce seminars to our participants via our email list. Seminars will cover both scientific presentations, emerging research areas as well as the development of “soft skills”, such as presentations, CV’s and paper writing.

Track day

The Track Day in Drug Development will take place on Thursday November 23rd, 2023, 09.30-17.00h.

The topic for this year’s track day will be on antibiotic research and we will announce a program soon.

Formal courses under the theme of the track

The following courses are targeted specifically towards the research track in Drug Development:

We will continuously update with information on this page, regarding track-relevant courses at Uppsala University or elsewhere.

Track leaders

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the track, ideas for seminars, track days or courses!

Madlen Hubert

Madlen is an Associate Professor in Drug Development with a special focus on Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology at the Department of Pharmacy at Uppsala University. Her research expertise combines nanoformulations for drug delivery and cellular biology, where she merges fundamental and applied biology.

Elin Svensson

Elin is an Associate Professor in Pharmacometrics with focus on Global Health at the Department of Pharmacy, Uppsala University. She has extensive experience from clinical development of novel anti-tuberculosis regimens and is part of multiple international drug development consortia.

Last modified: 2023-04-19