Oral Delivery

The biopharmaceutics group has a long tradition of investigating and identifying factors governing oral absorption. Over the last 30 years a variety of different pre-clinical and clinical models have been established, refined and used. These models range from transport assays in cell monolayers to in situ human intestinal perfusions, using the revolutionary Loc-I-Gut technique. All absorption studies are supported by the group’s well-developed analytical facilities, which includes UPLC-UV and UPLC-MS-MS, and coupled with extensive pharmacokinetic assessments and biopharmaceutical modelling.

The research is currently focused on understanding the mechanisms behind the absorption of nanoformulations and poorly permeating drug compounds, and how to exploit their perceived weaknesses in order to increase the bioavailability, creating better medicines – now and in the future.

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Last modified: 2022-10-24