Pulmonary Delivery

Fundamental parameters governing the absorption of inhaled drugs

The lungs are in many ways optimal as a route of drug delivery for both local and systemic treatment of various diseases. However, there is a need in the pharmaceutical development for improved understanding of parameters involved in the absorption and local disposition of inhaled drugs, to enable better predictions of lung residence-time, dosage regimen and/or optimization of formulation.

Figure 1. Overview of the mechanisms involved in pulmonary drug absorption; drug dissolution, permeation, tissue retention and clearance. (Illustration by Johanna Eriksson)

The overall objective of this project is to improve mechanistic understanding of pulmonary drug delivery and absorption from the lung. This will be obtained by developing and evaluating in vitro, ex vivo and in silico models, with focus on dissolution, epithelial permeability and tissue retention.

Novel mechanistic biopharmaceutical models and new knowledge that will be important for the successful pharmaceutical and clinical development of pulmonary drug products.

This project is part of the Swedish Drug Delivery Forum

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Last modified: 2022-10-24