Protein drug design

We develop protein drugs and transporters through rational in silico design to understand the mechanism behind diseases and how we can treat these. 

About us

Back line: Andrés De La Rosa, Nicole Metzendorf, Greta Hultqvist, Miruna Pavel, Jamie Morrison, Sofia Stenler
Front line: Samar Omer, Inga Petersen, Alex Petrovic, Muhammad Ali, Ana Godec, Fadi Rofi 

Immunotherapy is one of the fastest growing fields within drug development. The antibodies that are used and cannot pass cell membranes or the blood-brain barrier (BBB). Hence, they can only reach easily accessible targets unless they are modified. The goal with our research is to open up possibilities to reach new goals. We design and evaluate multispecific antibodies, where some parts bind to the things one wants to modify or detect in a disease and other parts acts as transporters to bring the antibody to its target.

Read more about our research and who works with what here.  

In addition to reserach we have also started the Master's Programme in Biopharmaceuticals. Jamie Morrison is the coordinator of the program, Greta Hultqvist the study director and most people in the group is involved in the teaching on the different courses.

Figure 1. A schematic picture of how the transport across the
BBB takes place. An antibody with BBB transporter. How the
transporters are connected to the antibody is important for its function.
Figure 2. If the blood-brain barrier transporter is coupled to an antibody that can bind the protofibrils in Alzheimers disease, the disease progression can be followed with positron emission tomography.

Figure 3: Example of how redesigning an antibody opens up possibilities to reach elusive therapeutic targets.
Last modified: 2023-02-02