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Now hiring: Researcher in molecular pharmaceutics


SweDeliver is recruiting a researcher in molecular pharmaceutics for the project Structural characterization of formulated macromolecular drugs with lipids in response to dilution, digestion and permeation. Submit your application no later than 16 April 2021.

This spring SweDeliver will launch the project Structural characterization of formulated macromolecular drugs with lipids in response to dilution, digestion and permeation. To conduct the research, we are looking for a new Postdoc to join our world leading research forum with focus on new strategies for parenteral, oral and pulmonary drug delivery – right at the intersection of academia and industry.

As our new research fellow, you will work in the field of enabling drug formulations: Lipid-based formulations and formulated drugs may reorganize in response to processes initiated upon administration. These include dilution in body fluids (extracellular fluid, intestinal fluids) upon administration and potential interaction with solubilizing components such as phospholipids, cholesterol, bile salts naturally present in these fluids. After oral administration of the formulation the lipids are extensively digested by gastric and pancreatic enzymes, further triggering restructuring of the colloidal systems obtained. The project will target exploration of these complex systems for their colloidal restructuring during dispersion and digestion. In addition, 3D structure and molecular interactions of a model macromolecular drug and the restructured lipid-based formulations used as vehicles for delivery of such model compounds will be monitored.

The scientific focus areas of this project are: Drug Delivery • Oral Peptide Delivery • Lipid-based formulations • Scattering techniques • Imaging • Physicochemical characterization • Digestion-permeation models

Requirements  A PhD in Pharmaceutics, Physical Chemistry, Chemical or Biochemical Engineering, or other relevant area. Previous experience of advanced drug delivery and scattering and imaging techniques (e.g. SAXS, SANS) is meritorious.

You must be able to work independently and take own initiatives, but also as part of a team and in collaboration with industrial partners within SweDeliver. Emphasis is placed on personal suitability. You must also have good communication skills in English, both written and oral, due to the highly international work environment.

Starting date  03-05-2021 or as otherwise agreed
Type of employment  Temporary position 2 years.

More information & Apply  Uppsala University application portal


  • SweDeliver is a national competence center in drug delivery. With Uppsala University's Faculty of Pharmacy as the academic hub and 16 industrial partners, SweDeliver conducts research on parenteral, oral and pulmonary administration.


Christel Bergström, Center DirectorChristel Bergström
Center Director, SweDeliver

photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

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