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Maria Kjellsson has been appointed Professor of Pharmacokinetics


The Department of Pharmacy has now achieved equality in terms of the number of men
and women working as Professors as Maria (Mia) Kjellsson was appointed Professor of Pharmacokinetics on August 29. We congratulate both the Department and Mia!
Mia has been employed at Uppsala University since 2002, with a short break for postdoc 2009-2010. She completed her PhD Studies in 2008 with the thesis Methodological Studies on Models and Methods for Mixed-Effects Categorical Data Analysis and has worked as an Associate Professor in Pharmacokinetics since 2014, first at the Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences and then at the Department of Pharmacy.

Maria Kjellsson

- Warm and well-deserved congratulations on the appointment, Mia! For those who don't know, what is your research interest?
- My research interest is diabetes and associated diseases. I've mainly taken an interest in type 2 diabetes, also know as adult-onset diabetes. I lead the pharmacometric research in diabetes together with Mats Karlsson and we use mixed-effects models to investigate, describe and quantify different time-varying aspects of diabetes, such as disease course and treatment effects.
​We use pharmacometric models to understand the pharmacokinetics of drugs, e.g., antidiabetic drugs and the pharmacodynamics of biomarkers in the short to medium term to optimise treatment. In recent years, we have focused more on factors that predict manifestation of diasease, e.g. obesity and smoking as well as complications of diabetes, e.g. cardiovascular disease and impaired renal function and survival.

- Are you involved in any other research areas?
- Together with Andrew Hooker and Mats Karlsson, I also work to develop new modeling methods for non-continuous type data, to better describe disease progression, characterize concentration-effect relationships with higher certainty and to be able to simulate clinical trials that reflect reality .
I did research in TB during my postdoc, and I also have some collaborations with among others Elin Svensson, where we use pharmacometric methods to support the development of new drugs and optimize the treatment of TB in children.

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Last modified: 2023-09-12