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Top grades to Cerebrovascular Biology 2023


"Fantastic science in a fantastic environment" and "Immensely successful" are some views on Cerebrovascular Biology 2023: The international conference that in late June brought 360 researchers with a focus on diseases in the blood vessels of the brain to Uppsala University and the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Cerebrovascular Biology 2023 gathered 360 researchers from five continents
Cerebrovascular Biology 2023 gathered 360 researchers from five continents

Irena Loryan and Margareta Hammarlund-Udenaes in the organizing committee, how did Uppsala receive the trust to organize Cerebrovascular Biology 2023?
“Diseases in the blood vessels of the brain is a major global challenge, in Sweden it is the third most common cause of death. In parallel, international research is making great and important progress. Not least here at Uppsala University, where several research groups are working along the absolute forefront of the field, and it was the members of the International Brain Barriers Society (IBBS) who voted us as organizers.”

What response have you received from the participants at the conference?
“Exclusively positive! Robert Thorne, chair of the IBBS, stated that it was "Immensely successful with numerous highlights, motivating patient perspectives and excellent short talks". A representative of the University of Bern thanked us for “Fantastic science in a fantastic environment”. Such praise means a lot as a successful conference of this kind generates invaluable goodwill for the hosting university."

On site in Uppsala Koncert & Kongress
On site in Uppsala Koncert & Kongress

What was the scientific focus at the conference?
“We built a program that covered the entire spectrum from early preclinical research to new treatments, which obviously aroused interest throughout our field. When the conference kicked off at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, we had 360 participants from five continents in the venue and had to bring in extra chairs to give everyone a place to sit. Overall, the presentations and discussions we took part in were of the absolute highest quality, not least those with a focus on opportunities and challenges regarding delivery of large drug molecules to the brain."

Any personal hightlights at the Cerebrovascular Biology 2023?
“Among many things, the opportunity to present our own research as well as a meeting with a delegation from Tokushima University who had expressed wishes to visit the Faculty of Pharmacy and with whom we are now preparing continued collaborations. Our junior researchers also participated actively with poster presentations and arranging a dinner for the younger conference participants."

The organizing committee at Cerebrovascular Biology 2023
The organizing committee at Cerebrovascular Biology 2023

Beyond UKK, what did your long-distance guests experience in Uppsala?
“Since we arranged the conference just before midsummer weekend, 100 participants chose to extend their stay in Uppsala for a few extra days, so we invited them to lunch in Odinsborg followed by a traditional midsummer celebration in Old Uppsala's Disagård, which was much appreciated. We also had a pleasant dinner in Uppsala Castle where Gustav Vasa and his wife Margareta Leijonhufvud made their entrance - and had to pose for a lot of selfies before being allowed to leave."

How will the IBBS top this summer's conference?
"Next we will meet in Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan, which, like Uppsala University, earned the vote thanks to scientific reputation, their many profiles in the field and that they can offer an exciting setting, so we are fully convinced that they will create a very rewarding meeting!"


  • The conference Cerebrovascular Biology 2023 took place 18-22 June in Uppsala.
  • Uppsala University was chosen to host the conference during Cerebrovascular Biology 2019 in Miami (US).
  • Among the researchers from Uppsala University that lectured at Cerebrovascular Biology 2023 are Christer Betsholtz, Anna Dimberg and Dag Sehlin - with Irena Loryan lecturing at the Satellite Symposium Signal Transduction at the Blood-Brain Barriers.



Margareta Hammarlund-Udenaes, Professor em.
Department of pharmacy

Irena Loryan, Researcher
Department of pharmacy

Text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Irena Loryan a o

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