Forskningsseminarium om läkemedelsutveckling och användning

  • Datum: –14.00
  • Plats: Biomedicinskt centrum Zoom: Please email contact person for link
  • Föreläsare: Martin Lord, Alzahra Hamdan, Yael Suárez and Milda Girdenyté
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  • Arrangör: Institutionen för farmaci
  • Kontaktperson: Martin Lord
  • Seminarium

13:15-13:40 Why does immunotherapy work for some, but not others?

13:40-13:55  PhD Pitches

13:15-13:40 Why does immunotherapy work for some, but not others? 

Martin Lord has a MSc degree (civilingenjör) in biotechnology KTH and a PhD in tumor biology (KI). He currently work as a researcher in the field of immuno-oncology at Uppsala University in the group of Sara Mangsbo. His research areas encompass biological drugs, cancer vaccine development, bioinformatics and biomarker studies (e.g. OLINK, scRNAseq, CyTOF and clinical data). As of 2021, he is also one of the co-founders of Strike Pharma AB, a biotech company centred around a novel bispecific antibody platform intended for cancer immunotherapy. A concept designed by S Mangsbo in collaboration with the drug discovery platform at SciLifeLab.  

The presentation by Martin is followed by three PhD pitches by Yael Suárez (PMDD), Alzahra Hamdan (PM) and Milda Girdenyté (PKPD).

Seminariet sker på engelska och online via zoom. Kontakta Martin Lord för zoomlänk.

Varmt välkomna!