Our courses & master programs

Biologicals is a growing field, both as research and in the clinic; the development and use have been increasing exponentially over the last decade. The biological drug can be based on protein such as antibodies, cells or viruses. As opposed to small molecular drugs, biological drugs are such complex molecules that they need to be produced in living organisms i.e. bacteria and eukaryotic cells. It is the increased complexity that leads to increased possibilities for this type of drug. For example, an antibody can bind with a very high degree of specificity to disease targets in a way small molecular drugs cannot, and it can thereby affect specific aspects of the disease process. Read more about our research here!

We run the international two-years Master’s Program in Biopharmaceuticals where you will learn about the full life cycle of biologics, from desing, production and testing all trough biosimilars. Please read more and apply here.

We also offer a specialization track focused on Biological Drugs in the Master's Program in Drug Discovery and Development.

We run a much-appreciated advanced level course in Biological Drugs on 7.5 c where you will work in theoretical laboratory sessions focused on drug design.  We offer a follow-up course in Pharmaceutical Protein Drug Development

For Pharmacy students, we offer an Advanced Degree Project Course in Biologicals and Immunotherapy, 30 c, where the projects are based on the research focus of the groups involved in Biological Drugs at the Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences.

Coordinator for these programmes and courses is Jamie Morrison. Study director for Biological Drugs is Greta Hultqvist. Do not hesitate to contact them with specific questions regarding this area. 

Last modified: 2022-04-12