At the Depatment of Pharmacy, you can study two programs at first level, Bachelor of Science Programme in Pharmacy and Master of Science Programme in Pharmacy (Swedish only).

At advanced level, the department offers several programs.
The Master's Programme in Biopharmaceuticals, the Master's Programme in Drug Discovery and Developmentthe Master's Programme in Pharmaceutical Modelling,  the Master's Programme in Drug Management (Swedish only) and the Master's Programme in Clinical Pharmacy (Swedish only).

There is also a Complementary Programme for Pharmacists with a Foreign Degree available.

What do you want to learn about drugs?

How drugs act, how they are formulated, how they are used both by individuals and in a societal perspective, or something entirely different? You will find a suitable education programme or course with us in Uppsala!

What courses do we teach? 

  • We offer a wide range of courses in pharmacy, both as part of a programme or separate course.
  • We teach courses on both basic and advanced level.
  • We continuously update our courses with the latest findings in research.
  • The courses are taught by well-educated and experienced teachers who are also active researchers.
  • Our teaching is carried out by professors and lecturers, as well as researchers and doctoral students from our research groups.
  • Many of our courses also have teachers from outside the university, e.g., from the pharmaceutical industry, government agencies and from other parts of the society.
  • Working as a pharmacist

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Last modified: 2022-11-10