External collaborations, such as the science fair SciFest organized by the university. 


The Department of Pharmacy conducts research and education in a number of areas. These range from early development of various drugs, both biological and small molecules, to follow-up studies and community pharmacy. We currently have a variety of collaborative projects such as UDOPP and SWEDELIVER , but also an active alumni business that is run in collaboration with the pharmacists student union.

In connection with the corona  pandemic, the department has been engaged in a knowledge-based council together with the region where we work interdisciplinary with several experts. The themes that the group focuses on are: reaching out and influencing the population's behaviors as well as the preparedness and organization of healthcare. In the first tea, the  group reflects on what causes people to change their behaviour and what synergies there are between the CRUSH-COVID project and the rest of the information campaigns that the municipalities and the region are doing. Under the second theme, the group is thinking long-term about how to organize care and what adjustments need to be made to be able to handle COVID waves and finally an endemic phase.

In the field of Clinical Pharmacy, collaborations are being conducted with Akademiska hospital in a step to continuously achieve an optimized drug use. Projects are conducted in the field of pharmaceutical reviews through Medbridge, which is a project between Region Uppsala, Region Gävleborg, Region Västmanland, UCR, and Uppsala University. In the area of improved use of antibiotics, research is also conducted through the collaboration platform PLATINEA.

We want to be an active part of society and contribute with our research and education. If you are interested in reading more about our work within UDOPP and SWEDELIVER, please visit the links below.

If you want to work with us, don't hesitate to contact us.

Last modified: 2022-03-30